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Credit Application

Please complete the digital application below, or download a PDF copy to email, fax or mail to Toolmex.

Uniform Sales & Use Tax Certificate (PDF)

Elektrim Motors Credit Account Application (PDF)

Toolmex Machinery Credit Account Application (PDF)

Workholding and Cutting Tools Credit Account Application (PDF)

Applicant's submission of this credit application attest financial responsibility, ability and willingness to pay Toolmex Industrial Solutions' invoices in accordance with the terms and conditions of sale.  Credit granted through Toolmex Industrial Solutions  Should it ever become necessary to assign the account balance to a collection agency or to an attorney due to payment default, all subsequent collect charges and legal fees shall be paid by the applicant.  Credit card payments may be used to retire a past due balance.  Any arrangements made outside the terms should be in writing and signed by both the applicant and the creditor.  Please read the Terms and Conditions of Sale prior to submitting application.

In order to complete application, please email, fax or mail Resale Certificate to Toolmex Credit Department, Attention Oscar Patino:

Fax:   508-647-1079
Mail:    Toolmex Industrial Solutions, 1075 Worcester Road, Natick, MA 01760

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All invoices will be sent via email to Accounts Payable.
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