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TMX Workholding has been in the business of solving complex workholding problems for the machine tool industry for over forty years.  TMX offers a comprehensive line of workholding solutions for the most demanding applications including: Power Chucks, Manual Chucks, Chuck Packages, Engineered Solutions (Specialty Chucks), Oil Country Chucks, Stationary Workholding (Vises) and much more. Our workholding solutions are applicable for any number of manufacturing sectors such as oil & gas, energy, aerospace, marine, automotive, defense and agriculture. Our staff and team of engineers are readily available to assist you with any questions you may have and to develop a workholding solution to fit your needs. 

TMX Workholding Expands Operations, Redirects Towards Domestic Manufacturing Goal

TMX Workholding's Engineered Solutions Line Highlighted in Development of 12-Jaw Power Chuck

TMX Workholding Solutions Fulfills Order of Massive 71" Engineered Solutions Chuck

TMX Workholding Solutions Streamlines Component Shopping with Complete Power Chuck Packages


TMX Workholding Solutions


  TMX Workholding Solutions delivers on quality, price and performance.
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3-Jaw Scroll X-HD OC

4-Jaw Indep. X-HD OC

Power Chucks

Manual Chucks

TMX Chuck Packges

Special Purpose Chucks

TMX 3-Jaw Self-Centering Extra Heavy Duty Oil Country Chucks

TMX 4-Jaw Independent Extra Heavy Duty Oil Country Chucks with Extra Large Thru Hole

TMX Power Chucks

TMX Manual Lathe Chucks

TMX Chuck Packages TMX Special Purpose Chucks


Oil Country Chucks

Cylinders & Coolant Collectors

Power Collet Chucks

TMX Live Centers



TMX Oil Country Chucks TMX Cylinders and Coolant Collectors for Power Chucks TMX Cylinders and Coolant Collectors for Power Chucks

TMX Live Centers

TMX Precision Clamping Vises

TMX Chuck Lubricant