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About Toolmex Machinery

  With a proven track record for exceptional quality and service,
along with thousands of installations nationwide ...

  Toolmex Industrial Solutions continues to be a leader in long bed lathe technology from Manual Plus CNC lathes, to big bore Oil Country lathes, conventional engine lathes and now multitasking slant bed lathes and 4-way CNC lathes.

Our superior European built lathes are designed for heavy high precision work with greater horsepower and larger spindle bores. We offer a full line of 22”-118” swing lathes (most with our exceptional TRI-V bedway design), Fanuc or Siemens CNC packages, custom enhancements, factory technical support and virtually limitless options.

As the exclusive United States importer and national distributor to Haco-Fat — Europe’s leading large bed CNC lathe builder — Toolmex Industrial Solutions continues to be a customer-focused specialist in toolroom to large flat bed production German/Japanese quality lathes. Our turning centers aim to provide users with the performance, productivity and rugged construction needed for success in a variety of turning and milling applications. With the addition of our new 4-way super class lathes, users will have access to superior large turn/mill solutions able to handle work up to 200,000 lbs bc.

Since 1976, Toolmex Industrial Solutions and our authorized distributors have offered proven after-sale support on TUR lathes backed by our service engineers, a one year warranty and a computerized million dollar spare parts and options center.  Toolmex service offers specialized support services from TUR installations to preventative maintenance and repair, and can be depended on to ensure optimal machine performance now and into the future.



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