TUR 560 MN European Built Manual Plus CNC Lathes

22" Swing x 40" - 118" bc, 4.1" bore, TRI-V Bed



  • 25" swing over bed x 40”, 78", 118" bc
  • Turn long parts, with 2-3 axis machining at minimal investment
  • New guarding package controls chips and coolant while protecting operator
  • Siemens or Fanuc controls operate in Semi-Manual, Automatic Cycle or G-Code modes
  • 16/25 HP main drive with CSS and 2-range auto shifting geared headstock
  • 4.1" spindle bores with speeds up to 2500 RPM
  • 17" wide TRI-V bed design New overhead independent swivel control station
  • Up to 4,400 lbs. bc (6,600 lbs. with steadies)
  • Extended cross slide and saddle for stability and longer life Heavy-duty tailstock with
  • 4" diameter quill, wrap around body and come-along
  • Easy operator’s controls, 4-way rapids, Americanized electronics and absolute encoder
  • New built-in hydraulic power system for optional hydraulic chucks and steady rests
  • Wide range of options including power turrets, hydraulic chucks and steadies, 
    C-axis with “live” tools, chip conveyor, nesting doors, 30 HP, boring bar att., etc. 


Independent swivel control station and carriage with manual QC toolpost

Heavy duty Tailstock with 3.9” quill, MT5 quill and optional steady rests

17" wide TRI-V bed plus induction hardening increases accuracy and life



Swing Over Bed 22"
Swing Over Cross Slide 11.8"
Control Siemens or Fanuc
Distance Between Center 40", 78" or 118"
Main Drive Motor Continuous/40% Duty 16/25 HP or 15/21 HP
Standard Spindle Bore 4.1"
Max Load Capacity 6,600 lbs
Z-Axis Rapid Traverse Rate 315 IPM
Tailstock Quill Diameter 3.9"
Tailstock Quill Taper MT 5
Bed Width (TRI-V Bedways) 17"
Machine Weight, 78" bc 12,500 lbs

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