Versatile operation makes Manual Plus CNC lathe technology
the flexible solution for leading machine shops



Exceeding the most advanced standard lathes with electronic handwheels, variable speed and DRO, the newest TUR Manual Plus CNC lathes —also known as electronic, teach-in, cycle or combination lathes — do not require a trained CNC operator and are most effective when handling complicated geometry parts, limited runs and tight tolerances. Toolmex Manual Plus CNC lathes easily and quickly cut contours, tapers, threads (even repairing thread cycle), boring or grooves without special tooling.

Toolmex offers a complete line of Manual Plus CNC lathes, beginning at 1.5-3 axes with a wide range of sizes from 22" toolroom lathes to over 37" swing (diameter) roll lathes. Due to TUR modular designs, we offer the widest range of long bed turning solutions, easily customized to best fit the user’s specific needs, while assuring long term parts support at lower cost. You can choose TUR lathes from: 4" - 17" spindle bores, 78" - 236" between centers, and capable of handling parts from up to 4,000 to 200,000 lbs. between centers. Our lathes come equipped from the best controls in the world, either the G-code based FANUC or the more user friendly SIEMENS.

Our factory-trained engineers are ready to discuss the unique advantage of each system, insuring that you get the best lathe for your application and company. Contact us to discuss immediate delivery on a wide of lathes from 22"-37" swing, 4"-12.6" bores and beds capable of handling parts 78"-236" between centers.

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TUR 560 MN

22" x 40" - 118" bc, 3.2" or 4.1" bore


25" x 40" - 236" bc, 4.1" or 5.5" bore


28" x 40" - 157" bc, 4.1" or 5.5" bore

TUR 630 - 710 PMN

25" or 28" x 40" - 157" bc, 6.5" or 7.5" bore

TUR 800 - 930 SMN

31" or 37" x 78" - 708" bc, 5" - 17" bore