TUR Custom Built Solutions
40" - 118" swing over cross slide x 78" - 1,000" bc, 30 - 500 HP

Stand-alone solutions to complete production lines to produce large parts with your specified technology at the investment level and reliability not seen in the marketplace.  TUR extensive line of modular lathes are merged with their proven engineering expertise, result in better solutions, on time deliveries and at a competitive price.

TUR Custom solutions are available to handle parts from 18” – 118” over cross slide, x78”-1,000 bc, 50-500 HP, torque to 300,000 Nm, 2-12 axes, part weights to over 200,000 lbs. bc.
Completely European design and built solutions apply German proven technologies with German sub components to deliver a superior, but lean, solution.  TUR custom/special group was established to assure exceeding its customers’ expectations with affordable innovative solutions. 
Bring us your current manufacturing process, required improvements and your budget/delivery limits… TUR will propose a customized concept solution; with alternatives to expand your initial request to exceed today’s needs and expose future considerations. 

TUR Custom specializing in large horizontal part machining solutions. TUR systems are in most major industries including: Oil and Gas, Paper, Metals and Steel, Aerospace, Food, Transportation, Manufacturing and Machinery



  • •  Almost limitless custom solutions with TUR extensive design, engineering and production facilities in Europe.
  • •  Wider range of capacities, applications and technologies
  • •  Extra HD, Load capacities: 8,000-200,000 lbs. BC
  • •  19"-118" swing over cross slide x 78"-1,000" BC
  • •  Since 2004 TUR has their own foundry capable of casting molds to 40’x8’x6’ high
  • •  Step bed, 4-way or floor type bed designs
  • •  Siemens or Fanuc CNC packages
  • •  Flexible modular design
  • •  Main drives: 30-500 HP
  • •  Multitasking: 2-5 axis solutions
  • •  Custom designed and built to your specific application(s)


  • Below are just a few examples of the wide range of customer specific solutions TUR has designed and delivered.

HD 300 HP turning lathe for massive crankshafts 

Line for mass production of aluminum billets, 500 HP

Line for mass production of aluminum billets, 500 HP

Railroad axel repair 4-way

CNC Automated welding & grinding pipe line

10' swing over cross slide x 72' bc CNC lathe turning up to 200,000 lbs. bc without steady rests

CNC Facing lathe for 118" dia., 135 HP, 60,000 Nm


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