A new generation of high performance slant bed lathes make Toolmex multitasking turning centers bigger, bolder and better than ever


Our FTM series is the newest and largest turn-mill slant bed lathe series from a Haco-Fat, a world class European builder specializing in machinery that processes very large, complicated and excotic material parts including shafts, rolls and tubular workpieces. 

The new heavy duty FTM slant bed turning center offers advanced technology (2-5 axes: X,Z,C,Y,B), extra large workpiece capabilities, superior quality and numerous options.  With the FTM slant bed series, parts that normally require 2-3 machines for completion can now get the job done in one setup with reduced cycle times. 

A unique feature offered by the FTM series is that there is no loss of machining diameter by cross slide.  Unlike other builders that can lose up to 20% on their diameter swing over cross slide, the new FTM700 and FTM1000 maintain their diameter swing.  The extra heavy duty construction (increased HP, torque, strokes) also makes these slant bed lathes adept at handling most cast iron, steel, alloys and other materials with greater rigidity and higher precision.  For oil patch industries, we also offer larger spindle bores upt o 14.1".  

The FTC700 series offer the traditional slant bed design, smaller capacity, yet many features not seen in the market, at a price few comparable builders can match. Swing capacity 19” over cross slide, x62”-157”bc, 4”-7.8” bores, 5,500 lbs max weight bc and 2-4 axis (X,Z,C,Y) options. 

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FCT 700

27" over cross slide x 62" - 200" bc, 4.1" - 8.6" bore, 2 - 4 axis

FTM 700 - 1000

27" - 39" over cross slide x 82" - 476" bc, 5" - 14" bore, 3 - 5 axis