TUR 630 MN / AMN European Built Manual Plus CNC Lathes

25" Swing x 40" - 236" bc, 4.1" or 5.5" bores, TRI-V Bed



  • 25" swing over bed x 40”, 78", 118", 157", 195” or 236" bc
  • Turn very long parts, with 2-3 axis machining at minimal investment
  • New guarding package controls chips and coolant while protecting operator
  • Siemens or Fanuc controls operate in Semi-Manual, Automatic Cycle or G-Code modes
  • 16/25 HP main drive with CSS and 2-range auto shifting geared headstock
  • 4.1" or 5.5" spindle bores with speeds up to 2500 RPM
  • 17" wide TRI-V bed design New overhead independent swivel control station
  • Up to 4,400 lbs. bc (6,600 lbs. with steadies)
  • Extended cross slide and saddle for stability and longer life Heavy-duty tailstock with
  • 4" diameter quill, wrap around body and come-along
  • Easy operator’s controls, 4-way rapids, Americanized electronics and absolute encoder
  • New built-in hydraulic power system for optional hydraulic chucks and steady rests
  • Wide range of options including power turrets, hydraulic chucks and steadies, 
    C-axis with “live” tools, chip conveyor, nesting doors, 30 HP, boring bar att., etc. 

5.5" spindle bore with rear nose
for "dual" chucks
17" wide TRI-V bed plus induction hardening increases accuracy and life 8 position programmable disc turret, superior German design & performance


Swing Over Bed 25"
Swing Over Cross Slide 14.6"
Control Siemens or Fanuc
Distance Between Center 78", 118", 157", 236"
Main Drive Motor Continuous/40% Duty 16/25 HP or 15/21 HP
Standard Spindle Bore 4.1"
Optional Spindle Bore 5.5" (AMN Model)
Spindle Speeds Standart Bore 2-2500 RPM
Max Load Capacity 6,600 lbs
Z-Axis Rapid Traverse Rate 315 IPM
Tailstock Quill Diameter 3.9"
Tailstock Quill Taper MT 5
Bed Width (TRI-V Bedways) 17"
Machine Weight, 118" bc 14,700 lbs

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