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General FAQ  

Why did Toolmex Industrial Solutions change the website from a marketing site to an ecommerce site?
We did this for our customers.  Now you can buy all of our products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
What are the hours for Customer Support for the website, and what number do I call?
Customer Support is available Monday through Friday, 8:00AM – 6500PM EST, and can be reached by calling 800-992-4766 or 508-653-8897.  You may also email
How are emails sent to someone at Toolmex, and how long before I can expect a response?
There are many predefined email and form links throughout the website that you can use to contact Toolmex about specific issues or interests.  When you click on an email link, an email window with the address already loaded will open.  You may also contact for general inquiries or questions.  Generally, emails are responded to within one business day.
Is there a way to request additional catalogs and literature?
You can order catalogs and literature online by using the order catalogs form located under the “Support” tab on the main navigation bar at the top of the screen.  You can also browse or download digital copies of our literature and catalogs online.

Do I need to register to browse your catalogs and literature online?
No, you do not need to register to view our catalogs and literature online.  You can view our catalogs and literature online here

How do I download your catalogs and literature?
You can download or view our catalogs and literature online here. You can click the link next to each document to download an Adobe PDF directly from our website.

Does use cookies?
We reserve the right to use cookies on our website.  Cookies can be disabled via your browser if you choose.  However, disabling cookies may also disable certain features on our website such as order entry and viewing account information.
How often are the FAQs updated?
FAQs are reviewed and updated on a regular basis.  The FAQ section will contain the most current information available.
What should my screen resolution be set to when viewing
For optimal viewing, please set your screen resolution to 1024x768.

Does the browser that I am using to view make a difference?
Our website is optimized for Internet Explorer.  Therefore, you may notice slight differences when using different browsers to view our website and/or some features may not work properly in other browsers.



What kind of search criteria can I enter into the search box?
The new search box was designed to help you search quickly and easily using keywords and Toolmex part numbers.

What if I am trying to search for something and can't find, but I know that you carry it?  Can I ask someone or report the problem?
Our Customer Support team is always available to assist you with any issues you are having with our site, and can be reached by calling 800-992-4766 or by email at   If you are unsure if we carry a particular product or would like us to consider offering a particular product in the future, you can also send us your request by completing the Wish List Form.

How can I find product categories or a particular product?
You can use a variety of methods to search out products of interest.  For instance, you can select a product category from the scrolling sidebar located on the right side of the home page, and "drill down" to the product of interest.  Another way to search for products on our website is to use the search box located in the upper right hand corner of all pages on our website.  You can use keywords, part numbers or phrases to return results on products of interest. 

My Account

Can a login name be edited?
Login names, once they are created, cannot be changed. 

What account information can I change on my account using the website?
You can update your email address, change your password and change your full name using the "Web Account Information" screen located under the "My Account Home" screen.  All other information must be adjusted by contacting Customer Support at 800-992-4766 or

How do I edit my Bill-To information?
To edit Bill-To information, please contact Customer Support at 800-992-4766 or  For security reasons, customer account information cannot be edited by anyone other than a Toolmex Customer Support representative.

How do I change my password?
Passwords can be changed in the "My Account Home" section of the website.  Click the "Change Password" link under the Account Activities section at the bottom of the screen.  If you have forgotten your password, click the forgot password link at the bottom of the login screen to request a new password be sent to the email address on file.

Orders and Checkout

I ordered an item from Toolmex Industrial Solutions in the past, but now the item says invalid when I try to purchase it on the website.  Why is this happening?
If you ordered an item from the website before, it is possible that the item has since been phased out or is in inactive status.  It is also possible that the item was a special order part number or an item that we are currently reviewing for various reasons.  For assistance or more information on these items, please contact Customer Support at 1-800-992-4766 or

Why does the Order Review screen show during every checkout?
The order review page appears just prior to the order being submitted every time so that customers have the opportunity to review the order one last time before submitting it.

Besides the website, what ordering methods does Toolmex offer?
In addition to the website, you may place an order with Toolmex by calling us at 800-992-4766, emailing or by sending us a fax at 508-653-5110.

Does accept international orders?
If you are ordering from an international location, please contact Customer Support at 800-992-4766 or, Monday through Friday, 8:00AM - 6:00PM EST.  Delivery, duty and tax are the responsibility of the customer and warranties are void outside of the United States and Canada.

How can I request a quote?
There are a few ways to request a quote: 1) Contact our Customer Support Department at 1-800-992-4766, 2) email quote requests to (please allow at least a 24 hour turnaround for emailed quotes), 3) request a special item quote by navigating to the Order tab drop down and entering in all pertinent information. 

How do I know that my order has been processed?
Once you've placed an order, you will receive an email confirming your order. You may also search and view your past orders using the "Recent Web Orders" search or "View Invoices" located from the "My Account" tab on the main navigation bar.

Will I receive an order confirmation?
You will receive an order confirmation via email that your has been placed. After your order has shipped, you will receive the shipping details via email as well.

When I place an order with Toolmex Industrial Solutions, I never receive an acknowledgement. Why?
If you do not receive an acknowledgment, there are several potential reasons:

  • Your e-mail address may not be correct in the Toolmex Industrial Solutions system. To verify this, click on My Account in the top navigation bar, sign on, select modify profile and verify that the e-mail address is correct. 
  • Call a Toolmex Support Representative at 1-800-992-4766 and send a test e-mail to ensure we are receiving it. 
  • Ensure there haven't been any recent system changes. 
  • If e-mails in question are workflow-related, ensure you are assigned to the proper person. 
  • Spam filtering - check with your IT department to ensure that e-mail from Toolmex Industrial Solutions is not being stopped by a spam filter.

If the above fails, contact Customer Support at 1-800-992-4766  to track an order. We will need the P.O. number and the contact email address.

How can I check on the status of my order?
To check on the status of an order, go to the My Account page and search within the Order History and the Search Past Orders section.

How do I request a duplicate invoice?
To retrieve, view and print an invoice, select "View Invoices" from the drop-down My Account menu located on the main navigation bar, or by clicking the "Invoices and Shipments" link located at the bottom of the My Account Home screen.  You can also contact Customer Support at 800-992-4766 or submit an email request to

How do I place repetitive buys?
You can quickly place repetitive buys by creating a Favorites list of repeat order items.  You can also build a saved cart, or make selections of items from the "Frequent Items" module which compiles a list of the top 25 items purchased under your web account.  The Favorites list and Frequent Items modules are located under the My Account drop-down menu located on the main navigation bar.

Why don’t the emails I receive from Toolmex Industrial Solutions related to my order or quotes display correctly with Lotus Notes®?
Emails may not display correctly because there is a configuration change required for Lotus Notes®. The Lotus Notes email server must be set to "keep external email in sender's format." Once that setting is changed, you will be able to receive our emails properly. Please note: this configuration change must be made by personnel within your IT group. For the short term, if you print your documents using landscape instead of portrait you should be able to view all the information.

How can I change/add to an order that I just placed?
The best way to change/add to an order is to call our Customer Support Department at 1-800-992-4766. Due to the commitment of meeting our Same Day Shipping agreement, we have a narrow window for making changes to orders before they are processed and shipped.  Revisions must be requested by 3PM EST.

How can I check the status of a backordered item?
The status of a backordered item or order can be checked by accessing your "My Account Home" screen and selecting "Open Backorders" from the Account Activities list of links.


Shopping Cart

What is a Shopping Cart? 
A shopping cart on a website is just like a real shopping cart you would use at a retail location. You can add or remove items as necessary, and once completed, you complete a checkout process to purchase items in your cart.

How do I add items to my Shopping Cart?
Adding items to your shopping cart is easy.  Browse the site as you normally would, and locate items you wish to add to your shopping cart.  Once located, enter the quantity of the item you wish to add in the quantity field next to the corresponding item.  Then, click the red "Add to Cart" button to add items to your shopping cart.  You must do this for each item you wish to order, or you can use the Quick Order to add multiple items.  The Quick Order form can be found on the homepage of our website or by clicking "Quick Order" tab from the "Shopping" drop-down menu located on the main navigation bar.  You can also add items directly from your Favorites lists.

Where can I view my Shopping Cart? 
You can view your shopping cart and the items within it by clicking cart icon located in the upper right hand portion of the screen or select "Shopping Cart" from the "Shopping" tab on the main navigation bar located at the top of the screen.

How do I edit the quantity of an item after it is already in the Shopping Cart?
To edit the quantity of an item after it is in the shopping cart, click in the quantity box and enter the new quantity by typing over the existing quantity.  Scroll down and click the "Update Cart Qtys & Notes" link to update.  Note:  This must be done before an order is placed and processed.

Why is the price that I was charged different from what was in the Shopping Cart?
The price you were charged may be different than what was in the cart because the current prices are continuously being updated.  Therefore, it is possible that the price you were charged was either higher or lower than the price that was displayed in the Shopping Cart.

How do I clear a Shopping Cart?
When viewing the Shopping Cart, you can clear the cart by clicking the "Delete Cart" link located under the line items.  Once clicked, a prompt will popup requesting verification to clear the cart.  Click "OK" to delete cart contents, or "Cancel" to exit without clearing the cart.

What is a Saved Cart?
A Saved Cart is a way to save items in your Shopping Cart until you are ready to checkout.  Creating a Saved Cart gives you the flexibility to come back at a later time and add the saved items back to your cart quickly and efficiently when you are ready.

How do I save a cart? 
Add items to your cart as you normally would.  Once you are finished adding items to your shopping cart, click the cart icon located in the upper right hand portion of the screen or select "Shopping Cart" from the "Shopping" tab on the main navigation bar located at the top of the screen to view the items you have added to the cart.  To save your shopping cart for later, simply click the "Save Cart for Later" link located at the bottom of listed items.  A popup window will then open your browser, and request to add an optional name to your saved cart for your ease of identification later.  Click "Save" to complete the process.  Note:  By saving a cart for later, all items will automatically be removed from your cart until you reload your saved cart or add other items to it.

Where can I view my saved carts, and how do I upload a saved cart to my shopping cart for checkout?
You can view your saved carts by selecting "Saved Carts" from the "My Account" drop-down menu located on the website main navigation bar, or if you are already in the "My Account Home" screen, you can click on the "Saved Carts" link located under "Account Activities."  Once here, you can view items in each of your saved carts by clicking the "View Items" link.  When you have located the saved cart that you would like to upload to your shopping cart for checkout, simply click the "Open" link next to the corresponding cart.  This will send all items from the selected saved cart to your shopping cart for checkout.

How do I delete a Saved Cart?
When you are in the "Saved Carts" screen, simply click the "Delete" button next to the saved cart you would like to remove.

Can I rename a Saved Cart?
When you are in the "Saved Carts" screen, simply click the "Rename" button next to the saved cart you would like to rename.

Can I add or delete items in an existing Saved Cart?
Yes.  You will need to upload your Saved Cart to your Shopping Cart.  From there, you can add or delete items as necessary, and then resave your cart for later.



How do I add an item to my Favorites list?
You can add an item to your Favorites list by clicking the "Add to Favorites" link next to the corresponding item.  Once clicked, a popup window will open in your browser requesting that you select a category name to assign to your Favorite item.  This category name can be anything you want it be.  This way you can organize your favorites in a way that makes sense specifically to you.  Click "Save" and close the window to complete the process.

Where can I view all the items that I have saved to my Favorites list?
You can view all the items you have added to your Favorites list by clicking "Favorites" from the "My Account" drop-down menu located on the main navigation bar of the website.  If you are already in "My Account Home" screen, you can find the "Favorites" link under "Account Activities."

How do I upload items from my Favorites list to the Shopping Cart?
You can add items directly from your Favorites list by clicking the "Add to Cart" button located next to each item you would like to add to your Shopping Cart.


Quick Order

What is Quick Order?
Quick Order is an easy and efficient way for repeat customers who already know what items they want and the part numbers for those items.  Customers can enter part numbers for multiple items to check stock, and add items to their shopping cart for checkout.

Where is the Quick Order function located?
The Quick Order form can be found on the homepage of our website or by clicking "Quick Order" from the "Shopping" drop-down menu located on the main navigation bar.

How do I add items to my Shopping Cart using Quick Order?
On the homepage Quick Order box, you can quickly add a single item to your shopping cart by entering in the Toolmex Item Part Number and quantity desired. Click "Add to Cart" to complete the process.  To add multiple items, click the "multiple items" link on the home page Quick Order or select Quick Order from the "Shopping" drop-down menu located on the main navigation bar.  Once there, you can add up to 10 separate items by entering the Toolmex Item Part Number and quantity requested.  Click the "Add to Cart" button at the bottom of the page to add all entered items to your shopping cart.




Can Toolmex ship products internationally?
Yes. Toolmex is setup to ship products to other countries.

Is UPS and other tracking information available?
Yes. To look up tracking information for your order, click on My Account Home, Recent Web Orders, or View Invoices for detailed order and tracking information.

How long is UPS tracking information available?
A UPS tracking history is kept on the system for two years.


Page Errors 

What are the different types of page errors that I might encounter?
The different types of page errors may vary. Some of the more common errors include: 
  • Submitting a form that causes duplicate or inaccurate results to be displayed
  • The inability to proceed while trying to register as a user 
  • system error screen 
  • File unavailable error 
  • The inability to move past a particular point in a process 

What causes page errors?
Page errors are generally caused by one of the following factors:  Missing or incorrect information; Helper applications such as Gator; Use of bookmarks or favorites to secure or dynamic pages.
What is a “File Unavailable” error?
A file unavailable error is most commonly caused by using Gator with Netscape Navigator 4.0x. Disable Gator for the duration of your session to eliminate this error.  Other ways you might receive a “file unavailable error” includes the use of bookmarks or favorites, or the use of the “back” button within dynamic or secure pages.


Elektrim Motor FAQ 

For Elektrim Motor's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Please visit



TMX Workholding

Where are the TMX Workholding products made?
The majoroty of TMX Workholding products are made in Europe. Look for Made in Europe or Made in Poland in the product description.  For additional information, you may contact customer support at 800-992-4766 or

Are TMX Workholding products made in Europe?
Yes. Toolmex's European factories manufacture all TMX Manual Chucks and most TMX Rotary Tool Holders. Look for Made in Europe or Made in Poland in the product description.  Power chucks are engineered in the USA and manufactured in Asia. For additional information, you may contact customer support at 800-992-4766 or

What is the availability of the Large Diameter Chucks?
Toolmex stocks some dimensions. Unusually large sizes such as 60" inches and above will have to be ordered with an approximate lead time of 4 months. Please contact us at 508-653-8897 to discuss your requirements with a Technical Engineer.

How long will it take to get special orders fulfilled?
The lead time for special orders is approximately 4-6 months. Please work with your Toolmex Regional Sales Manager, who will engage a Toolmex Engineer to help spec your order.

Have customers used these chucks?
The product has been field tested by customers to ensure that the product was rigid and sure gripping. The customer mounted the chuck and tested various finishing and heavy duty cuts, and was able to achieve consistent results.

Please contact your local Toolmex distributor or local sales manager.

All TMX Workholding products have a 2-year limited warranty.

What are some of the major features of the TMX Manual Chucks Made in Europe?

  • All Forged Steel Bodies for durability and rigidity
  • Top Quality Performance
  • 2 Year Quality & Performance Warranty
  • Interchangeable Top Jaws and Mounting Plates
  • Jaws are made of high quality alloy steel then hardened and ground
  • American and DIN Standards
  • Spare parts and backplates are interchangeable with Bison-Bial® products

What TMX Workholding products are available?

  • Scroll Chuck Models
  • Precision Accuracy Scroll Chucks
  • Independent Chuck Models
  • Power Chucks - 10 Models Available
  • Large Diameter Chucks up to 100" inches
  • Back Plate Adapters
  • Precision Live Centers
  • Spare Parts and Accessories

How do I become a distributor for TMX workholding and tooling products?
Contact the Toolmex Regional Sales Manager for your location by calling 508-653-8897 or 800-992-4766 or by email.

How will technical workholding and tooling questions be answered?
Contact the Toolmex by calling 508-653-8897 or 800-992-4766 or by email.

What is the smallest or largest diameter chucks offered?
We stock manual lathe chucks from 2" through 49" diameter. However, larger diameter and specialty chucks can be manufactured by request. Power Chucks (hydraulic) are available from stock in 5" thru 16" diameters.

Do TMX power chucks interchange with other manufacturers' products?
TMX power chucks can be directly mounted to Kitagawa® adapter (mounting) plates. We also provide a blank draw-tube nut with every chuck.

How do I determine my machine tool spindle type?
Refer to online TMX Chucks and Workholding catalog for the correct spindle type or you may contact customer support at 800-992-4766 or

What is the highest RPM balanced tooling offered?
CAT 40 tooling 20,000 RPM balanced to G2.5 and CAT 50 tooling 15,000 RPM balance to G6.3.

TMX Carbide

What percentage of my indexable tooling requirements can Toolmex supply?
Toolmex has a broad offering to cover most of your tooling needs. Our insert program covers a full range of standard turning and milling operations from finishing to extreme roughing applications.

Does Toolmex provide Technical Support for its indexable products?
We have trained professional technical engineers on staff to help in any metal removal application.

Do you have carbide inserts that fit the competitors' cutters?
Yes, the Toolmex offering of products will fit competitors' cutters for milling and turning.

How do I know if your products are good quality products?
Toolmex has an extensive QA Lab that randomly checks current stocked products as well as new products prior to introduction to ensure that they are up to our standards for long work life for your application.


TMX Vises

What makes the TMX Vise different than other vises on the market?

  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Body made from high quality ductile iron hardened to 45RC
  • Sealed bearing system increases the life of the vise
  • Close tolerance bed heights for excellent accuracy
  • From 8,200 - 11,600 lbs of clamping force
  • Anti-lift mechanism keeps the work piece from lifting

I'm concerned about the vises being imported from other countries that may not meet the quality standards of US made vises. How does Toolmex address this concern?
Toolmex has spent a great deal of time working with our manufacturing partners to ensure that the vises we are producing today exceed the quality of our US competition.

What if I want a "Made in the USA" vise?
Things are not always as they seem. Vises on the market today that are labeled "Made in the USA" often still have components made in Asia. Manufacturing a certain percentage of the vise in the US allows a company to put the "Made in the USA" mark on its products, but doesn't necessarily mean that it is 100% made in the USA.