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Manual Extra HD Oil Country Chucks


Manual Extra HD Oil Country Chucks
are specifically designed for rigorous use in the oil and gas industry where large thru-holes and high gripping forces are required for holding bars, tubes, pipes and cylinders. With 3-Jaw Scroll Chucks, 4-Jaw Independent Chucks, Extra-Large thru-holes and expended sizes, TMX has a chuck available for any energy sector. 

  • Made in Europe 
  • All Forged-Steel Body
  • 2 year Quality and Performance Warranty
  • ISO Certified
  • All chuck mounting sizes meet DIN standards
  • Guaranteed to maintain exceptional accuracy for an extended period

Heavy Duty Construction

  • TMX Oil Country Chucks are a perfect fit for the high use, high demands seen in oil and gas operations

Extra Heavy Duty American Standard Tongue and Groove Jaws

  • Both top and master jaws have fine serrated matching surfaces to expand total gripping area, maximize gripping force and help reduce workpiece slippage

Exceptional Accuracy

  • The high gripping power and the rigidity of the chuck body along with robust jaws contributes to superior accuracy and repeatability providing higher tolerances on workpieces and greater RPMs

Available Options

  • 3-Jaw Scroll and 4-Jaw Independent Chucks
  • Direct Mount for A2 
  • Large Bore (Thru-Hole) Options
  • 16-40" standard with larger sizes upon request
  • Plain Back Chucks are available 

Workholding/Manual Extra HD Oil Country Chucks