A Vision for the Future:  Elektrim Motor Brand Consolidation

Throughout the past year, we’ve visited a number of our partners across the country, and engaged in many meaningful conversations about the state of the motor industry, what customers are looking for from a trusted motor supplier, and how you would like the Elektrim Motor brand positioned. We have listened, and, as a company, we have learned. 

As a result, we have decided to change the way we approach the marketplace and return Elektrim Motors as the face of our motor operations. We, as Elektrim Motors, have served the industrial marketplace with high quality, European designed and engineered motors for over three decades, and it is important that this history of excellence stand out. 

With this in mind, our website and new 2013 motor catalog will begin the process of retiring the Elektrimax brand name, and consolidating all of our motors under the Elektrim Motors brand. This decision was influenced by you, our loyal partners, who voiced a desire to align all of our motors with the stronger, more recognizable Elektrim Motors brand. 

We are in the early stages of this transition, and with all transitions there will be some growing pains along with a great deal of work to be done by us. Please be patient as we update the website, literature, and products to reflect this new direction. During this transition, customers who place orders for motors that were formerly branded as Elektriamax may still receive these motors branded as Elektrimax until all existing inventory has been sold and restocked with its new branding.

In preparation, we tried to think of questions that we might have if we were in your shoes. Please take a moment to review the Q&A below.   As always, our customer support team is readily available to answer any questions you might have during this transition. Call us at 800-992-4766 or email support@toolmex.com. 
Thank you for choosing Elektrim Motors!   


Why are you consolidating your brands all under Elektrim?          
Elektrim Motors is our most recognizable brand, and has been sold in the United States for over three decades. It just makes sense to simplify our story, and consolidate everything under one powerful and well-known brand. This decision was influenced by many of our partners and distributors who voiced a desire to align all of our motors under the Elektrim brand so that they could more easily share this story with their own customers.          


Are you getting rid of Elektrimax motors?          
No. We are only making a brand name change. All of our formerly branded Elektrimax motors will still be available. They will just now be branded as Elektrim rather than Elektrimax.          


I ordered an Elektrim 31N series motor based on the information in your new 2013 catalog, but I received and Elektrimax 31N series motor.  Why?          
This is the same motor with the same features. The only difference is the brand name. During the brand name transition, customers who place orders for items that were formerly branded as Elektrimax may still receive these motors branded as Elektrimax until such time as all existing inventory has been sold and re-stocked with its new brand.          


If I order an Elektrim 20N series motor (Ex: 20NFM-3-15-12), will you replace it with an Elektrim 32N series motor (Ex: 32NFM-3-15-12) without informing me?          
No. We will never switch out a motor with a different series motor without asking your permission first. We understand that each series may have unique features specific to that series that you and your application depend upon.          


Do you still make motors in Poland?
Absolutely.  All of our 20, 40 and 60 series motors are made in Poland.          


Are the part numbers changing?          
No.  All part numbers remain unchanged.  This means that if you ordered a 20NFM-3-10-36 six months ago, you will receive the same motor with the same features as before.          


Which motors are being rebranded and which will stay the same?          
Please see the chart below for details.                    


What do you mean by "series?"
We utilize the term “series” to distinguish groups of our motors within a particular product line that have the same set of unique features and country of manufacture. For example, there are (3) series within the newly consolidated Elektrim Premium motor line: 20N, 31N and 32N. Each of these series have unique features particular to the entire series, and a grouped in this manner for customer ease.          


How do I know what motor belongs to what series?          
For customer ease, the series is the same as the part number prefix, and is usually the first 2 digits and succeeding letter. For example, the series that motor part number 31NFM-3-5-18 belongs to is “31N.”          


Does this mean that all Elektrim motors will now be made in China?          
No. All of our motors are European engineered and are manufactured in state-of-the-art ISO 9001 quality system facilities around the world. The formerly branded Elektrimax motors, such as 31N and 32N series, have and continue to be made in Asia. However, all of the 20 and 40 series motors are still made in Poland, just as they have been for over three decades.