We expect nothing less than the best, which is why we have instituted a 100% Zero Tolerance Quality Inspection philosophy, far exceeding normal industry standards and practices. Our third party inspection staff scrutinizes each product coming off the manufacturing line and then we test — and retest. What can we say? We are committed to achieving absolute confidence in our production consistency.

Why have a QA Lab?

Designing and developing products for demanding and challenging markets such as Aerospace, Medical and Power Generation requires consistency, precision and performance. With an increase in global sourcing comes the need to be even more certain that products meet quality requirements prior to use. The QA Lab allows Toolmex to source and test increasingly higher quality products to improve customer productivity.

What it means for our customers?

  • Confidence in products manufactured and tested with consistent quality
  • Peace of mind with individual product testing for larger, mission critical tools and workholding products
  • Secure operation due to sample testing for standard products
  • Reliability with documented, published and verified tolerances and performance on an ongoing basis during up-front selection process
  • Increased productivity

INSIDE THE QA LAB:  The QA Lab includes an impressive set of state-of-the-artmeasurement and inspection equipment that enables Toolmex to test virtually any aspector criteria for tooling precision, reliability and performance including hardness, outside andinside dimensions, chuck runouts, and thread accracy and dimensions.