Toolmex stocks thousands of lathe and machine tool spare parts
and options to support your machine.

Machine and Lathe Parts Support 


Toolmex Machinery stocks thousands of parts and options to support our TUR lathes, from our current European TUR 560-1100MN/CNC line to discontinued models installed over thirty years ago.

Sourced direct from original machine builders and component suppliers, Toolmex is able to provide you ongoing reliable mechanical and electrical support now and into the future, with approximately 90% of common TUR lathe parts shipped within 24 hours of order confirmation.

Thousands of original equipment parts are available from stock including lead screws, gears, clutches, bearings, motors, spindles, transformers, conductors, limit switches and more. If we don't have it available in-house, we are also able to procure most parts from local suppliers, ensuring the best delivery and prices for our customers. Our online UPS system provides customers with speedy order processing and peace-of-mind tracking. 

From fast quote turnaround to spare parts shipments at your door, the Toolmex team provides service you can depend on in the most critical situations.



Have an older discontinued manual machine?

Toolmex has options and operations manuals for the following discontinued manual lathes and mills from Poland, as well as some limited parts.  See the list below to find your model and contact us at 800-992-4766 for availability.

Discontinued Model Description  Builder Location
TUM 14" Swing Toolroom Lathes  Famot Pleszew
TUG 17" Swing Toolroom Lathes  AFM - Andrychow Andrychow
TUJ-50/50M 21"-24" Swing Engine Lathes  ZMT - Tarnow Tarnow
TUR-50 20" Swing Engine Lathes  Wafum Wroclaw
TUR-63 25" Swing Engine Lathes  Wafum Wroclaw
TUR-63A 25" Swing Engine Lathes  Wafum Wroclaw
TPK 32"-36" Swing Lathes  FUM Poreba Poreba / Poland
TRP 46"-43" Swing Lathes  FUM Poreba Poreba / Poland
TPL 36" Swing Lathes  FUM Poreba Poreba / Poland
TR 40"-53" Swing Lathes  FUM Poreba Poreba / Poland
TCG 49"-78" Lathes  FUM Poreba Poreba / Poland
FWD #2 Knee-Type Mills  Jafo Jarocin
FXR #3 Knee-Type Mills  Jafo Jarocin
FWF #2 Knee-Type Mills  Jafo Jarocin
FWA #3 & #4 Knee-Type Mills  Mechanicy Pruszkow
FYA #3 & #4 Vertical Knee-Type Mills  Mechanicy Pruszkow