Have you kept up with your lathe's preventative maintenance schedule?

Don't wait for your lathe to stall in the middle of production, costing you time and money that could have been saved.  Instead, take advantage of Toolmex's dedicated staff of factory trained engineers and technicians to ensure that your lathe is on track and operating at its full potential.

Check out the Preventative Maintenance checklist below — a quick and useful way to determine exactly what maintenance is needed for your lathe now and into the future.  Know what you need already?  Request Service

  Preventative Maintenance Checklist  DONE SCHEDULED NOTES 
 1 Replace Bearings      
 2 Clutch Adjustment      
 3 Cross Slide and Top Slide Play Adjustment      
 4 Headstock Realignment      
 5 Re-Level Machine      
 6 Install Anti-Friction Material on Way Surfaces      
 7 Hand Scraping      
 8 Spindle Bearing Adjustment      
 9 Oil System Inspection and Oil Change      
 10 Change / Clean Filters      
 11 Turret Realignment      
 12 Battery Replacement      
 13 Check / Adjust Axis Backlash      
 14 Inspection of Guards and Wipers      
 15 Axis Drive Belt Replacement      
 16 Rebuild Headstock, Feedbox, Carriage and Electrical Cabinet