TMX43CNC Taiwan Built Manual Plus CNC Lathes

43" Swing, TRI-V Bed





      • 28" swing over bed x 77", 117", 156" or 194" bc
      • Fagor 8055iTC or Fanuc 0iTD

      • 30/40 HP main drive

      • Extra heavy-duty 30" wide bed with anchors every 18" for more stable platform

      • Autoshifting 3-range headstock

      • Hardened and ground bed (50HRc) and cross slide ways

      • Hardened and ground gears, spindle and shafts (with auto lubrication)

      • Heavier design with 3.14" Z-axis ball screw

      • Chip conveyor and power tailstock included as standard

      • TRI-V bed design with full double-V guideways supporting carriage

      • Z-axis ball screw mounted between bedways increases stability and accuracy

      • Carriage with turcite anti-friction liners offering rapid feed rates up to 157 IPM

      • Wide range of options including chucks and steadies, spindle bores, guarding, spindle cooler, boring bar holder, Fanuc CNC, etc.



      Optional spindle oil cooler and air conditioner for electrical cabinet


      30" wide TRI-V bedway with Z ball screw between ways


      Optional duplomatic "live tools" turret (VDI 50 Disc), steady rests and tailstock with 3-jaw chuck


      Capacity / Model 43" TMX43CNC
      Swing Over Bed 43.3"
      Swing Over Cross Slide 27.5"
      Distance Between Centers (Fully Retracted Quill) 78", 118", 157", 195", 235" bc
      Max. Workpiece Weight bc 11,000 lbs
      Max. Workpiece Weight bc with 2 Steadies 17,800 lbs
      Spindle Bore, Std. 6.1"
      Spindle Nose A2-11
      Spindle Bore, Option 9", 12", 16", 20"
      Spindle Nose / Direct Mount, 6.1" Bore (Option) A2-11 / A2-15 (A2-15, A2-20, A2-28)
      # of Spindle Ranges, Autoshifting 3
      Spindle Speed Ranges, 6.1" Bore Std. 6-800 RPM
      Spindle Speed Ranges, 12" Bore Option 2-270 RPM
      Main Drive Power, Std. 30 HP Continuous Duty / 40 HP 30-min Rated
      Main Drive Power, Option 40 HP Continuous Duty / 50 HP 30-min Rated
      Cross Slide Travel, X-axis 26.7"
      Working Feed Range .2-157 IPM
      Rapid Travels, Z-axis 157 or 195 IPM
      Rapid Travel X-axis 195 IPM
      Ball Screw Diameter, Z-axis 3.15" (80mm)
      Ball Screw Diameter, X-axis, Center Mount 1.57" (40mm)
      Carriage Length on Bedways 29.7"
      Cross Slide Width 13.4"
      Tool Shank Section 1.25"
      Max. Turning Length in Z-axis 77.5", 116.9", 156", 195", 235"
      Quill Diameter, Built-In Live Bearing 6.5"
      Quill Taper MT6
      Quill Stroke 11.7"
      TRI-V Bed, Width 30"
      Machine Length, 118" bc 350"
      Machine Width, 118" bc 87"
      Machine Height, 118" bc 89"
      Machine Weight, 118" bc 29,900 lbs

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