Reliable Machine and Tool First to Sign as Toolmex Strategic Alliance Partner

NATICK, Massachusetts —  October 19, 2010

Toolmex Corporation announced today that they have completed negotiations with Reliable Machine and Tool of Cedar Rapids, IA to become the first Toolmex Strategic Alliance Partner.

Toolmex Corporation, a leading provider and global supplier of industrial Workholding and Tooling with broad product lines and service solutions, supporting a wide network of distributors throughout North America, Central, South America, and Europe is pleased to announce the establishment of the Toolmex Strategic Alliance Partnership (TSAP) with Reliable Tools and Machines headquartered in Cedar Rapids, IA. This alliance offers customers access to the comprehensive TMX product lines in an underserved region of the country.

“Our decision to work with Reliable Machine and Tool is part of our ongoing strategy ensuring that customers get the best products from Toolmex. Small to mid size distributors will now have access to products sourced from world-wide suppliers that may have been out of their reach in the past,” said Robert Gross VP Sales and Marketing.

John Barnes, VP Sales Reliable Machine and Tool, “The Toolmex Strategic Alliance Partner program is exactly the right program at exactly the right time and place to bring us new opportunities in our market.The high quality of their people and products ensures that Toolmex is on track to be a major supplier and partner to Reliable for many years to come.”

About the Toolmex Strategic Alliance Partnership
TSAP was developed to encourage small distributors to extend their reach in prescribed regions throughout the US and Latin America. The customer benefits by having a distributor with best in breed tested products along with the right product mix, a highly trained customer service staff, fast delivery within their delivery area, and Marketing and Sales support.

Toolmex will continue to grow the TSAP to include distributors in other regions of North America, as well as in Central and South America. In essence, we will continue to enhance our strategy ‘one stop shopping’ for Tooling and Workholding products.

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About Toolmex Corporation
Established in 1973, Toolmex Corporation, Inc. continues to be a recognized global supplier to the industrial marketplace with broad product and service solutions, supporting distributors throughout North America and South America. Each of Toolmex's three main operating groups — Tooling Technologies, Machinery and Electric Motors — is committed to offering the best in its class from TMX Workholding and Tooling lines to the superior TUR series European lathes and versatile Elektrim and Elektrimax AC TEFC motors. Toolmex is headquartered in Natick, MA with a regional headquarters in Schaumburg, IL. Toolmex®, TMX®, Elektrim® and Elektrimax® are trademarks of Toolmex Corporation, Inc. Alll other product names noted herein may be trademarks of their respective holders.