New TMX Shell Mill Arbors Provide Coolant-Through Capability

 New Coolant Through Holders

Natick, MA, September 10, 2014 -- This fall, TMX Cutting Tool Solutions announces a new line of CAT 40 and CAT 50 Shell Mill Arbors.

TMX Cutting Tool Solutions introduces a new line of coolant through TMX CAT 40 and CAT 50 Shell Mill Arbors. These arbors expand upon the current line of TMX coolant through tool holders including CAT 40 End Mill Holders and CAT 40 ER Collet Chucks.

All TMX holders in this line feature the versatile DIN AD/B coolant system allowing for optional coolant through the spindle and/or the flange. TMX CAT 40 and CAT 50 Shell Mill Arbors go further and offer a DIN AD/B + C coolant system which can deliver coolant to the point of the cut via the arbor pilot once coolant is received from the spindle and/or v-flange. More coolant means faster milling and better chip evacuation in indexable shell milling operations.
New TMX Shell Mill Arbor
The coolant through line of TMX Shell Mill Arbors offer:
• Balance and certified to 15,000 RPM's/G6.3
• Max run out is .0002” (.005mm) TIR for concentric consistent milling
• ANSI Tool Specifications
• DIN AD/B + C Coolant Specifications
• QA Lab inspected for accuracy
• Individual Lab Certification
• AT3 taper accuracy for excellent holder / spindle engagement
• Machined and shot blast surfaces to view surface integrity
• Compatible with popular machines

 “In other manufacturer’s shell mill arbors without the AD/B + C coolant system, it has become common practice to drill hole in the arbor screw to provide additional coolant,” says Nancy Novinc, Director of TMX Cutting Tool Solutions. “This practice compromises the strength and tool holding ability of the arbors. With the AD/B + coolant system included on TMX Shell Mill Arbors, there is already coolant coming through the pilot.”

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