TMX Workholding Solutions Extends Product Line for Aerospace, Energy and Construction

NATICK, Massachusetts —  June 24, 2013

TMX Large Diameter Manual Chucks for Aerospace, Energy and Construction Industries
TMX Large diameter manual lathe chucks provide the ideal solution for manufacturer’s involved in aerospace, energy and heavy construction equipment. The workholding solutions are designed and engineered by TMX engineers in Illinois, all of the TMX large diameter workholding products are made from forged steel for longevity.

The TMX Workholding Design Engineers recognize the need to help their customer identify and utilize Workholding technologies that can position them to be more efficient, improve part quality and make them more profitable. TMX Workholding Sales Engineers utilize a proven consultative sales process designed to ensure all of our customers’ requirements are documented and the final product meets or exceeds their expectations.

The features of the TMX large diameter manual chuck line are:

  1. •   Diameters in excess of 2 Meters
  2. •   Jaw configurations in 3, 4, 6, 12 and custom executions
  3. •   Sealed designs compatible with VTL applications
  4. •   Forged steel bodies
  5. •   Self-centering scroll or Independent jaw designs
  6. •   Combination chucks; self-centering operation combined with independent jaw adjustment

TMX Large Diameter Manual Chucks for Aerospace, Energy and Construction IndustriesThe chucks are designed for, medium and heavy duty machining applications. TMX Workholding Solutions are available to suit most spindle mount designs and the most popular sizes are available quickly. Each chuck is thoroughly inspected before the product leaves the factory and randomly at the onsite QA lab, ensuring the highest quality in workholding offered today.  The product is checked for gripping force and run-out to ensure accuracy in order to meet the highest level of quality standards. 

“We are now in the business of being a workholding solution provider,” states Shawn Luschei Vice President, TMX Workholding Business Unit.  Luschei further elaborated that the company has a strong heritage of being known as a manual chuck provider and that they are continuing this history by putting their engineering expertise to work by having a deeper understanding of vertical market needs.

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