TMX Extends Cutting Tool Solutions Line from Toolmex Industrial Solutions

Natick, MA  —  March 17, 2014


Toolmex Industrial Solutions extends their comprehensive Drilling, Tapping, and Threading line of TMX Cutting Tools for demanding process jobs from production facilities to the machine shop floor.  The extended product line offers an exceptional balance of performance benefits and price; TMX Cutting Tool Solutions provides superb value for any size machine shop or production volume.

Toolmex sees drilling, tapping and threading as one family of products each one building on the other for beginning and finishing a job ensuring a quality end product on the shop floor thereby delivering high superior finished products to the customer.

Workpiece materials such as Titanium, Inconel, Chrome-Moly Steels, stainless and other High-Nickel alloys are now frequently encountered. To make these parts, machine shops need to begin to think about the change in the technology and how it affects their production output. Toolmex takes these changing dynamics into consideration prior to introducing any new product to the market. “Field testing is tantamount to the overall success of the TMX product line thus allowing for better quality control and reduced overall costs to the customer, ” stated Nancy Novinc, Director TMX Cutting Tool Business. “Producing  quality threaded holes is not trivial in any application, it is especially critical in parts designed to function on many production lines due to their exactness in specification."

TMX Extended Integrated Cutting Tool Solutions includes:

TMX Carbide coolant performance drills - TMX Carbide coolant feeding drills with self-centering points and TiALN coating provides wear resistance in abrasive and high temperature materials. The TMX products allows for higher speeds and feeds. And the 140º angle provides excellent chip flow over the entire cutting edge, coolant holes result in higher penetration rates.

TMX Internal and External threading inserts, and TMX MRO Taps & Dies - TMX cutting Tools offers a full range of TMX MRO taps in HSS with ground threads.  The offering includes a variety of Split Round Adjustable Dies for external threading applications. The adjusting screws allow the TMX Dies to be compressed or expanded to accommodate slight variations in size for precision threading applications. High Speed Steel TMX Dies are recommended for longer tool life.

TMX Chucking Reamers
are available in a tremendous number of decimal sizes. TMX Chucking Reamers offer the advantage of very close tolerance precision ground cutting tools. This precision results in superior tool finishes on all cutting surfaces providing cleaner cuts and better work piece finishes. TMX products are manufactured from HSS and cobalt these tools are engineered to better serve the needs of metalworking in the widest range of applications.

As machining become more pervasive for the manufacturing of parts and multiple applications. Toolmex is responding with offerings that makes the process a more capable, predictable , and economical operation.

All TMX products can be purchased through local distributors
or found on the Toolmex website @, open 24x7.


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