TMX CAT 40 End Mill Holders Provide the Coolest -- Affordable Coolant-Thru Capability

Natick, MA  —  March 17, 2014

TMX Cutting Tools Business is constantly updating the cutting line ensuring customers get the best performance and savings for machining requirements.

TMX CAT’s are designed to outperform all other end mill systems in the most crucial areas of tool holder performance: concentricity, rigidity and balance at high spindle speeds. These factors, combined with the systems reliable and stable runout accuracy, amount to significant long-term savings.

All TMX holders feature coolant through the spindle and coolant through the V-flange in the new advanced TMX DIN AD/B design as standard. Skilled machinists demand coolant with the understanding that it will extend tool life, improve chip evacuation, and permit increased speeds and feeds; the new TMX Tool holders deliver consistently day in and day out. The result is cost and down-time reduction for longer tool life. The new tool holders have been field tested customers saw improvements in machining quality and shorter production times because of reduced cutting vibrations in the new product.

The extended line of TMX End Mill Holders offer:

  1. •   Balance and certified to 15,000 RPM's/G6.3 produces very little harmonic movement 
        of the holder resulting in less chatter milling.
  2. •   QA Lab inspected for accuracy
  3. •   Individual Lab Certification included
  4. •   Max runout is .0002" (.005mm) TIR for concentric consistent milling
  5. •   H5 inside diameter tolerance
  6. •   AT3 taper accuracy for excellent holder / spindle engagement
  7. •   Machined and shot blast surfaces to view surface integrity
  8. •   Will accommodate single and double ended end mills
  9. •   Compatible with popular machines


Performance End Mill Holders permit increased feed rates and extends the tool life:

Selecting the proper tool holder for the application is the key," said Nancy Novinc, Director TMX Cutting Tool Business Unit. "TMX CAT40 tooling system provides the variety that ensures you have the right tool holder for the job, and the rigidity and precision to get the job done right."
The TMX Business Unit is diligent in ensuring TMX Tools bring reliability, durability, and affordability to virtually all metal working applications.  To ensure customers are getting exceptional support for all cutting tools, the TMX Cutting Tool Business Unit is introducing “TMX Tool Problem Solvers;" they are the first source for cutting tool support.

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