TMX Workholding has been in the business of solving complex workholding problems for the machine tool industry for over forty years.  TMX offers a comprehensive line of workholding solutions for the most demanding applications including: Power Chucks, Manual Chucks, Chuck Packages, Engineered Solutions (Specialty Chucks), Oil Country Chucks, Stationary Workholding (Vises) and much more. Our workholding solutions are applicable for any number of manufacturing sectors such as oil & gas, energy, aerospace, marine, automotive, defense and agriculture. Our staff and team of engineers are readily available to assist you with any questions you may have and to develop a workholding solution to fit your needs. 

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Custom Designed and Engineered Workholding Solutions


TMX Workholding solutions is proud to offer their Engineered Solutions workholding product line.  The Engineered Solutions Line allows TMX to address specific customer needs and design a workholding solution for their application.  Customized workholding is designed by TMX's team of engineers in relation to part drawings, machines used and production specifications.  Through TMX Workholding's technical expertise we can offer customers a more advanced application workholding solution while enhancing the productivity of high volume manufacturers, Along with addressing irregular part geometry and gripping. 


l  2-Jaw  l  Collet  l  Special Purpose  l  Cylinders  l  Coolant Collectors


The TMX Power Chucks product line offers drop-in replacement chucks for all major machine brands. Our power chucks offer the ruggedness and precision needed at a cost effective price point. The TMX Power Chuck line includes 2 and 3 jaw chucks, colllet chucks and special purpose chucks in a full range of sizes and configurations. TMX also provides access to all necessary cylinders and coolant collectors needed in the operation of hydraulic power chucks. 


l  Independent  l  2, 3, 4, 6 & 12 Jaw  l  Parts & Accessories


TMX Manual Chucks offer the accuracy and durability needed in precision machining applications. Manual chucks are available with either scroll or independently actuated jaws, forged steel or semi-steel bodies, and in a number of jaw configurations including 2, 3, 4, 6 and 12 jaw chucks.



3-Jaw Scroll  
l  4-Jaw Independent  l  Pneumatic


TMX Oil Country Chucks are specifically designed for the rigorous use in the oil and gas industry.  With either 3-Jaw Scroll, 4-Jaw Independent or Pneumatic configurations TMX has the chuck available for any energy sector application.  TMX oil country chucks are available in expanded sizes and feature extra large through-holes. The chucks heavy duty construction makes it a perfect fit for the high use, high demands seen in oil and gas operations.  


Rotary Table Packages  
l  Lathe Packages 


TMX Chuck Packages feature everything needed for rotary table or power chuck lathe operation in one convenient setup. With TMX chuck packages users will receive all components necessary for conversion without the worry of part compatability or having to search multiple vendors. The Lathe Packages include the chuck, chuck adapter, drawtube, cylinder adapter, hydralic cylinder and coolant collector. Rotary Table Packages include the chuck, mounting adapter, bolts and T-nuts. If you don't see your machine or model contact TMX Workholding Solutions as many packages can be customized for your machine or operation. 



Precision CNC Milling Vises


TMX Vises offer the proven accuracy for all of your CNC milling needs for heavy milling, boring, tapping, drilling or grinding. Improving on industry standards, TMX vises are ultra precision in flatness, parallelism and verticality. TMX vises feature high quality ductile Iron, close tolerance bed heights for excellent accuracy, anti-lift mechanism and chip fover for lead screw protection. 


Precision Live Centers


TMX Live Centers are precisely machined, hardend and ground from one single piece of forging. Live Center spindles are made of high quality alloy steel, heat treated to RC 60-62. Each live center are provided with three selected heavy duty precision bearings. Each bearing is specifically protected against dust and coolant. 



High Pressure Chuck Lubricant


TMX Workholding chuck lubricant is specially formulated to condition TMX Chucks for continued smooth operation.