Two Oversized Bearings are Better than One

Maximum strength and durability

Flexibility for 
horizontal and vertical operation

Protection against damage caused by 
shaft currents

Longer life and reliability


It is a well-documented fact that across all industries and manufacturers, bearing failures are the most common cause for electric motor downtime, repair and replacement costs.  Utilizing stronger, bigger bearings on both drive ends fortifies the motor, and automatically extends its life against regular bearing wear and tear.

Oversized bearings on both drive ends also increases the mounting flexibility of your motor by making the motor more suitable for either horizontal or vertical operation.  Motors that operate vertically require that a single bearing support the full weight of the rotor and load.  This weight coupled with any vibration will cause smaller bearings to weaken and wear out more quickly, necessitating replacement or repair.  Utilizing stronger oversized bearings on both ends ensures that no matter how your motor is mounted, you will achieve longer operation and performance.

Another important reason to choose a motor that utilizes strong oversized bearings is the premature failures that can be sustained due to shaft currents when a motor with small bearings is operated on an inverter.  Smaller bearings are more susceptible to this electrical erosion.  Damage due to electrical erosion can start after just a few months of running a new electric motor.