Extend the life and operation of your motor -- Choose a motor that utilizes vacuum pressure impregnation to protect and maintain void-free electrical windings. 

Completely seals windings against moisture and wire to wire vibration?

Greater heat dissipation means a cooler running motor

Increased mechanical strength

Improved corona protection

Longer life, reliability and quieter operation

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation, or VPI, is a more far more efficient and effective insulation process than conventional varnish “dip and bake” methods, which can leave voids and air pockets.

Solvent varnishes lose up to 70% of its volume during the baking process, which creates a weak structure pitted with trapped air. Air is a very poor conductor of heat, as opposed to a solid mass. Also, multiple varnish dips can create a “heat jacket” around the winding, further reducing heat dissipation.

Unlike traditional “dip and bake” methods, VPI provides a 100% solid mass structure that dissipates heat more effectively, and is virtually impervious to oil, moisture and mechanical contaminants. 

VPI strengthens the insulation system and extends the service life of a motor, and is the most effective way known to eliminate the dead air spaces that cause hot spots within the motor coils.  These hot spots can be 20º higher than the average coil temperature.  The VPI process, along with good resin, provides a low thermal resistance path that lowers the average operating temperature of the motor.

During the VPI process, all air and moisture is removed from the windings, and the resin is pressure applied into the windings.  This process bonds all the components of the insulation system together to form a solid sealed mass – a far superior conductor of heat.

This is also very effective in reducing mechanical vibrations and greatly reduces the audible noise level of the motor.  In addition, the VPI process and resin improves the dielectric capability between windings and between the windings and ground to 5300 volts per dielectric strength and a 220% C temperature rating.  This allows the motor to survive higher voltage stress levels without failure.

The resulting winding provides many advantages to motor users including greater mechanical strength, reduced vibration and friction of the windings, the highest level of environmental protection and improved heat dissipation by providing maximum penetration of resin throughout the turns of individual coils.

VPI vastly improves the performance and reliability of all motors, especially those operating in harsh environments or critical applications, and provides a positive return on your investment with long-term electric motor operation.