Toolmex Industrial Solutions continues to be a leader in long bed lathe technology. Our superior European built lathes are designed for heavy high precision work with greater horsepower and larger spindle bores. We offer a full line of 22”-118” swing lathes, most with our exceptional TRI-V bedway design, Fanuc or Siemens CNC packages, custom enhancements, factory technical support and virtually limitless options.

As the exclusive United States importer and national distributor to Haco-Fat — Europe’s leading large bed CNC lathe builder — Toolmex Industrial Solutions continues to be a customer-focused specialist in toolroom to large flat bed production lathes. Our turning centers aim to provide users with the performance, productivity and rugged construction needed for success in a variety of turning and milling applications. With the addition of our new 4-way class lathes, users will have access to superior large turn/mill solutions able to handle work up to 200,000 lbs bc.

Since 1976, Toolmex Industrial Solutions and our authorized distributors have offered proven after-sale support on TUR lathes backed by our service engineers, a one year warranty and a million dollar spare parts and options center.  Toolmex service offers specialized support services from TUR installations to preventative maintenance and repair, and can be depended on to ensure optimal machine performance now and into the future.

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Designed for maximum flexibility; due to the ‘combination’ design, these lathes, also known as electronic, teach-in, cycle or combination lathes, are popular as full CNC flat bed lathe and for those requiring an advanced standard latheTUR Manual Plus CNC lathes feature operator friendly controls: electronic handwheels, variable speed, CSS and conversational programming.  These lathes are most effective for complicated geometry parts, larger parts and limited production runs. Toolmex Manual Plus CNC lathes are ideal at easily and quickly cutting contours, tapers, threads (even repairing thread cycle), boring or grooves without special tooling. With added C & Y axis and you have a large modern turning center, with more stability than a slant bed and at lower cost, all resulting in a higher ROI.




Toolmex Oil Country / big bore series lathes offer users large through bore solutions for pipe in  the rigorous oil / gas country…Today, TUR big bores series are used in a wider range of applications found in the steel and paper mill industries, power plants, ship-building, mining and machinery building industries. Available in either servo manual or manual plus CNC (combination) lathe technology, our heavy duty oil country lathes feature: exceptional thread repair cycles, TRI-V bedways for greater boring accuracy, and offered with 5.5”-25” spindle bores, 24"-61" swings x 78"-629" between centers, in 2-4 way beds versions.




The large heavy duty FTC/ FTM slant bed turning center offers advanced technology (2-5 axes: X,Z,C,Y,B), extra-large workpiece capabilities, superior quality and numerous options.  Built for large complicated, these advanced production units offer a choice of: 16”-36” dia. chucks, 82”-476”bc, 30-60 HP main drives for part weighting up to 20,000 lbs bc.  Done-in-one setups, large parts that normally require 2-3 machines for completion can now get the job done in one setup with reduced cycle times.




Only Toolmex offers a wide range of top quality European built lathes including manual lathes, also known as conventional or engine lathes, and now the new Servo-Conventional (Servo-Manuals) lathes from 22”-28” swing over bed x 40"-157" between centers with 4"-5.5" spindle bores. Applying German design and advanced technology, the TUR manual and servo conventional lathes are clearly the industry leader for precision class lathes. 





The expanded line of TUR 4-Way turning centers offer advanced technology (2-4 axes), offers the multi-tasking and turn through steadies capability of a slant bed PLUS the superior rigidity of a HD flat bed.  Offered with a wider range of sizes and part capacities; 18”-75” dia x 78”-630”bc, for parts weights over 66,000 lbs bc and a choice of 30-150 HP main drives. Their superior “step bed” design allows the operator much better access to the work, thereby improving productivity and operator fatigue.  The TUR-4MN series, can machine parts that normally require 2-3 machines to complete, can be done in one setup and with reduced cycle times




TUR Custom built turning solutions group offer individual semi-custom lathes (2-4 axes) up to custom turnkey production lines (4-18 axes). Applying todays leading technology, FAT’s special projects engineering team, FAT own foundry, FAT production facilities (over 10 plants worldwide) have delivered engineered turning solutions to handle parts from 18” – 118” swing over cross slide, x60”-864” bc, 50-500 HP main drives, 2-12 axes, turning part weights from 3,000 to 200,000 lbs. bc.  Whether you need a solution for simple or complicated large parts, require a higher quality, proven technology and innovated upgrades, all at a cost-effective investment, call FAT Custom group to move your project to success.