Photos shown herein are a general representation of popular equipment options that are available on select machinery.  Actual equipment options may differ.  Please Contact Us for more information.





3-Jaw Chucks
(10"-36" diameter)

4-Jaw Chucks
(16"-69" diameter)

Hydraulic Power Chucks
(10"-32" diameter),
Pneumatic Chucks
(8"-14" Bores)

3 or 4-Jaw
Oil Country Chucks
(16"-32" diameter)









Manual Quick
Change Turret

Disc Turrets
(Static or Live Tools)

4-Way Head Turrets
and optional Milling Unit

VDI Toolholders









Manual Steady Rests

Hydraulic Steady Rests

Manual Follow Rests

Hydraulic Follow Rests,











Fanuc MN/CNC

Siemens MN/CNC

Remote MPG










 Precision and Bull Nose
Live Centers

Cylindrical Grinding

Taper Turning

Hydraulic Tailstock









 Standard Boring Bar

Heavy Duty Boring
Bar Attachment, RH Rail

5.5"-26" Spindle Bores,
Rear Nose Option
for Dual Chucks

Chip Conveyors