Trained Professionals Offering
Comprehensive Service and Support from Day One 

Toolmex engineers and service technicians partner with our distributors and customers to provide full lathe and machine tool service and support from initial engineering through installation, preventative maintenance, warranty and post-warranty service.

Whether it's electronic, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical, our technicians are there to provide you with the assistance you require when you need it.  Our main objective is to reduce downtime and ensure that your lathe or machine is up and running.

Toolmex field service technicians and engineers often receive their training directly from the builder, guaranteeing you receive the full benefit of extensive factory-direct knowledge.  Our support team comes prepared to assist you with the proper equipment and a library of mechanical and electrical documentation. Furthermore, our service staff is backed by a 
computerized parts center that stocks thousands of parts and options to support our TUR lathes, from our current European TUR line to discontinued models installed over thirty years ago.

Extended warranty programs are also available to provide you with added peace of mind after the initial one year warranty period.


Toolmex service technicians perform scraping functions 
and ready long bed lathe for delivery.


Available Services:

  • Field Service
  • Emergency Breakdown Repair
  • Technical Support
  • Installation Service and Support
  • Runoff and Operator Orientation
  • Parts and Equipment Consultation
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Geometry Verification and Machine Alignment
  • Repair and Rebuild Assessment
  • Parameter Settings
  • Ladder Applications
  • Servo Tuning
  • Systems Communications
  • Update Parameter Tables for Control
  • Axes Servos and Spindle Drives
  • Ball Bar Tests 





Headstock Rebuild by Toolmex Technicians