TUR4MN European Built 4-Way Step-Bed Lathes

Up to 78" swing over bed x 630" BC and 140 HP




      • Wider range of capacities, applications and technologies
      • 27"-78" swing over bed x 189"-630" BC
      • 27"-63" swing over cross slide
      • Step bed 4-way bed: bypass and operator friendly design
      • Load capacity: 20,000-66,000 lbs BC (without steady rest)
      • Wide range of options to automate most large, long and heavy parts
      • Siemens 840Dsl CNC
      • Flexible modular design
      • HD Main drives: 50-140 HP
      • Multi-tasking: 2-4 axis solutions
      • Designed and built for your specific application

      Photos are a general representation of the various models and may include some optional equipment. 
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