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For over 40 years, Toolmex has been a supplier of European quality cutting tools and rotary tool holders for the metalworking industry. Our team of application specialists aims to discover innovative ways to address our customers’ most difficult machining processes. We know that time is the most important factor in reaching maximum productivity and profitability so we provide the right people and the right products right away. Most of all, Toolmex Tooling Systems is committed to delivering results our customers and partners can depend upon.

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» We have partnered with Palbit S.A. to offer exceptional indexable carbide products. Palbit has been in the business for almost a century supplying products to several industries. Palbit's goal as well as Toolmex's is to provide excellence in all of our products. Palbit pays close attention to quality as is attested by the standard ISO9001: 200 along with the use of high technology production which allows Palbit to be competitive with the world's best known carbide products. Back to Top


Rotary Tool Holders    ROTARY TOOL HOLDERS       

» TMX Tool Holders deliver the accuracy and durability needed for demanding applications.
» All tapers offer AT3 accuracy for excellent holder/spindle engagement & all holders are balanced & certified at speeds up to 15k RPMs at G6.3.

» Coolant thru and standard style holders are available.
» Toolmex carries a large range of precision collets in fractional & metric sizes with a guaranteed concentricity of up to 0.0004” which leads to less run out and longer tool life.  Back to Top


Drills    DRILLS | CARBIDE & HSS       

» TMX Drills provide fast cutting rates, long tool life, top-quality positional and dimensional accuracy and a superior surface finish. Toolmex offers economical HSS and Cobalt industrial grade products for your demanding jobs. 
» At Toolmex, our carbide drill grades and geometries are tailored for the demands of high performance drilling, providing you with a competitive advantage. When you are using TMX Carbide Drills, you will see the difference from the first cut to the last.
» When using TMX Carbide Coolant Drills, there are shorter cycle times and tighter tolerances that translate into maximum machine utilizations, better part quality and optimum hole making cost savings
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Reamers    REAMERS       

» The TMX family of HSS and Cobalt Reamers provide excellent solutions for sizing machined holes. The straight flute geometry of TMX Reamers is an excellent general purpose reamer and our helical fluted reamers work well for interrupted cuts. TMX Reamers are available in a wide range of metric, fractional and decimal sizes. Back to Top


Milling Cutters & Saws    MILLING CUTTERS & SAWS | HSS       

» From Chamfering to Dovetail, Milling, Involute, and other popular milling cutters, TMX is there to ensure that the quality Milling Cutter you need is available for your metal working applications. TMX Cutters are recommended for deeper milling and slotting applications.
» The TMX Saw family consists of a variety of saws for your metal working needs including Plain Metal Slitting Saws, Jewelers, and Screw Slotting. TMX Saws are recommended for shallower slotting and cutoff applications in a wide variety of materials. 
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End Mills   END MILLS | CARBIDE & HSS       

» The TMX End Mill Series are always field tested to ensure chatter free high performance while machining in a wide range of materials and milling applications.  Our TMX inventory of high performance 2, 3 or 4-flute Carbide cutting tools are designed for application-specific cutting in industries such as Medical, Aerospace, Power Generation and Die Mold environments. Back to Top


Taps    TAPS | PERFOMANCE & HSS      

» Toolmex Tooling Systems offers a full range of TMX MRO taps in HSS with ground threads. We offer regular thread as well as special thread, left hand taps, metric thread taps and spiral point (gun) taps.   Back to Top


Reamers    ROUND DIES | HSS      

» TMX  offers a variety of split round adjustable dies for your external threading applications. The adjusting screw allows TMX Dies to be compressed or expanded to accommodate slight variations in size for precision threading applications. High Speed Steel TMX Dies are recommended for longer tool life. Back to Top


Reamers    ANNULAR CUTTERS      

  Ensure the best performance with TMX Annular Cutters, which feature exceptional:
» SPEED: Alternating end tooth geometry allows for a more aggressive cutting at speeds up to 15% faster.
» STRENGTH: Proprietary Molybdenum M-2 steel reduces breakage and allows for resharpening.
» ACCURACY: Raised margin reduces rubbing in the cut resulting a more precise hole size and better surface finish.
» EFFICIENCY: Experience better chip ejection with fully ground flutes and improved slug ejection with an ID taper.
» VERSATILITY: Universal 3/4" shank diameter with 2 weldon flats for inch and metric holders
» CONSISTENCY: CNC manufacturing technology and metallurgical testing ensure consistent cutter geometry and reliability. 
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  Toolmex Tooling Systems is a business unit of Toolmex Industrial Solutions.