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Featured Products

  • Toolmex Power Chucks

    8" Power Chuck A2-6

    3-Jaw Power Chuck, 8 inch,
    Direct Mount A2-6

  • Swing Lock Sealed Power Chucks

    3-Jaw Sealed Power Chuck

    3-Jaw Swing Lock Power
    Chuck Plain Back, 8 inch

  • Hot Deals from TMX Cutting Tools 

    TMX Cutting Tools

    Click here to see the latest specials on TMX Cutting Tools

  • *NEW* TMX CAT 40 Holders

    DIN AD/B CAT 40 End Mill Holders and ER Collet Chucks

  • Elektrim IEC Metric Electric Motor

    20HP Metric Motor

    Elektrim European Engineered 1800RPM IEC electric motor

  • Toolmex TUR Manual Plus CNC Lathes

    TUR Manual Plus CNC Lathes

    European 24"-78" swing x 78"-786" bc TRI-V Bed Lathes

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