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Download Literature

Welcome to the comprehensive Toolmex Literature Download Center, where you can find catalogs, brochures and other assorted literature relating to Toolmex products.  Click on a thumbnail to view, comment upon or print each publication.  OR, click on a link below a shelf to download a stand-alone Adobe Acrobat PDF file.  Printed catalogs and literature as it is available may be ordered by completing a catalog order request form.

DOWNLOAD THE NEW 2015 TMX Cutting Tools Catalog!

The TMX Cutting Tool Team will help you select the right tools for the job:

Indexable Cutter Bodies & Inserts
End Mills
Taps &Dies
Milling Cutters and Saws

Download Cutting Tools High Resolution PDF Catalog (64 MB)

Download Cutting Tools Low Resolution PDF Catalog (10MB)

Click here to order a hard copy of the TMX Cutting Tools catalog


Introducing the New Toolmex Big Capacity European Heavy Duty Lathe Overview!

Toolmex offers a full line of big capacity heavy duty Manual and Manual Plus CNC long bed lathes.

Use the Issuu Flip Reader to browse, download or comment on the brochure, or Download a PDF of the Lathe Overview Brochure.
Introducing the New TMX Workholding Solutions Catalog!

Our team of experts will help you to:
Drive engagement between people and application solutions in the Oil Fields, Automotive and Aero industries
•  Seamlessly integrate pre-engineered power chuck packages into well-known Machine Tool Dealers
Capitalize on your investments to drive growth and innovation

Use the Issuu Flip Reader to browse, download or comment on the catalog, or Download a PDF of the 2013 TMX Workholding Catalog.
2014 Elektrim Motors Catalog

Learn about the industry's leading European engineered and designed line of energy efficient AC electric motors.  Our Elektrim motor catalog helps you find the exact electric motor for your application, and includes performance data and mounting dimensions for customer ease.  Find out more about the Elektrim brand consolidation featured in the catalog.

Use the Issuu Flip Reader to browse, download or comment on the catalog, or
Download a PDF of the 2014 Elektrim Motor catalog.

Electric Motor Publications

View and download the full library of Elektrim Motor catalogs, literature and
support documents at

The 2012 MEGA Catalog
Machines Download PDF  
BISON-BIAL Workholding and Rotary Tooling Download PDF


Cutting Tool Publications
Rotary Tools & Collets Section from the
2012 Mega Catalog
  TMX CAT 40 End Mill Holders & ER Collet Chucks   TMX CAT 40 & 50 Shell Mill Arbors
     Click to Download    
  TMX CAT & BT Holders    

Workholding Publications

DOWNLOAD PDF:  TMX Chuck Packages for Haas, Bison Chuck Packages for Haas, TMX Steel Body Chucks, TMX Power Chuck and Cylinder Packages, TMX Workholding,

Machine Tool Publications

DOWNLOAD PDF: Toolmex HACO-FAT Lathes, Lathe Overview Brochure, Toolmex Celebrates Over 35 Years

For more information about Toolmex Lathes, please call +1-847-301-3700.

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