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About Toolmex



Our History as an Industry Leading Full Line Industrial Supplier 

Since 1973, Toolmex has served the industrial marketplace, engaging customers with a better level of service and support using the tools of today—research, expertise and ingenuity.  We have a proven track record as a trusted partner, delivering volumes of product solutions to our customers’ doorsteps throughout the United States, Canada and Latin America. 

Our goal is to create customers for life by providing consistent superior quality products perfectly engineered for the job.  It is our reputation for product and service excellence that continues to distinguish Toolmex, making us a sought after supplier to develop, introduce and establish new products on the marketplace for manufacturers worldwide.

From products engineered and manufactured for excellence such as our productivity performing TMX® Cutting Tools, Workholding, European engineered Elektrim® Motors, BISON-BIAL Workholding and Toolmex Machinery, we are a support organization that reaches beyond the norm. Our goal is to provide each customer with a product and an experience that exceeds their best expectations.

The way we see it, we are not just another supplier — we are a partner, working toward our mutual success.

Toolmex Industrial Solutions Global Headquarters

Toolmex Industrial Solutions global headquarters in Natick, MA.



In 2000, Toolmex became a privately held US company which later shifted management to today's majority shareholder, CEO and President Ark Kielb. Under Kielb's strategic leadership, Toolmex has embarked on a major expansion strategy through the addition of professional management, major investments in product development, distribution capacity and customer service as well as a firm commitment to the company's marketing and brands.

Toolmex is headquartered in Natick, MA with regional headquarters in Schaumburg, IL and sales offices throughout the United States and Latin America.


Toolmex TMX Elektrim Motors Toolmex Machinery BISON-BIAL