Purpose and Scope of the Toolmex Power Distributor Program
The purpose of this is to clearly identify the roles and responsibilities of each party as they relate to the Toolmex Power Distributor Program.  This document is intended to establish the requirements and deliverables for each company as it pertains to the program.

Toolmex Responsibilities

Toolmex will offer special promotions to our distributors who comply with the Toolmex, Distributor, and Partnership
requirements. We want this program to be attainable with realistic goals and objectives.  By working diligently with our distributors, increased revenue and profitability can be obtained.  Power Distributors will have access to the tools and resources you will need to sell and market Toolmex solutions, including:

  • Proven and effective sales tools
  • Clearly targeted marketing tools and collateral
  • Information on time-sensitive product updates and information
  • Ability to learn about tactical promotional campaigns

Toolmex Requirements

  • Power Distributors are denoted by the Power Distributor icon, alerting users to the distributor's position as a premier
    supplier of Toolmex Products and services
  • Toolmex will support all outside sales calls for Power Distributors when requests are sent to the Regional Sales Manager
    and given reasonable time to assign Product Managers or Sales Managers
  • Position top 5 closest Power Distributors with 100 miles of any entered zip code are automatically highlighted at the top
    of search results
  • Streamline channel connections and promote Toolmex Partners
  • Cross promotional impact for Toolmex Partners putting the Partner’s business in front of the right customers 24 hours a
    day, 7 days a week
  • Toolmex will offer training on all product lines and new products either in person or by using webinars
  • Toolmex will display distributors on Toolmex website as a Power Distributor using the guidelines below
  • Toolmex will offer .pdf sells sheets and promos with distributor’s names and logo to be printed by the distributor
  • Toolmex will offer Fast Track and Tooling Certificate programs
  • Toolmex will provide branding guidelines to all distributors for consistency

Distributor Requirements

  • Pre-determined Stocking order
  • Sales meeting once a year with Regional Sales Manager
  • Link business profile to www.toolmex.com
  • Promote your business and let customers know who you are and why they should purchase Toolmex products and
    services, by submitting text about your history, products and capability
  • Establish your presence by adding a logo to your profile page
  • Outside sales people or management must work with Toolmex at least once a quarter on Product planning/forecasting
  • Toolmex, TMX, BISON-BIAL, Elektrim, Elektrimax products and logos must appear on website and catalogs when and
    where applicable to the account
  • Toolmex is one of their main line leads on the Distributor site and in the Distributor catalog
  • Allow Toolmex to test against other in house product lines
  • Full forecast disclosure by October of each Fiscal Year
  • Distributors must adhere to the Toolmex Branding guidelines
  • Determine best inventory mix for specific region

Power Distributor Score Card

Every Toolmex Partner is different. Each possesses a unique profile reflecting your specific geographical coverage, company size, product services and solution portfolio, skills, expertise and network of customers.  Toolmex has developed a Power Distributor Score Card that assesses both the quality and partnership value, as well as
determining the level of support and resources required by each individual Power Distributor.

The five consideration categories for continuing the Power Distributor relationship are based on the following criteria.
It is mutually understood and agreed by and between the parties that:

  • Coverage – Measure a partners; geographical coverage, market, customer base and product offering.
  • Capability – Measure a partner’s capability toward selling, marketing, and customer support
  • Capacity – Measure a partner’s current and potential capacity to sell, market and support customers
  • Commitment – Measures commitment demonstrated towards the relationship with Toolmex products and services
  • Contribution – Measures a partner’s fiscal contribution to the overall financial health of both companies


Contact Toolmex at support@toolmex.com to find out how you can become a Power Distributor today.