For over forty years, Elektrim® Motors has offered some of the finest integral electric motors on the US marketplace. Elektrim® Motors are European engineered and designed for exceptional quality and outstanding performance, and are manufactured in state-of-the-art ISO 9001 quality system facilities around the world. Elektrim’s enthusiasm for motors and commitment to exacting standards mean that Elektrim motors are some of the finest, longest lasting and best performing in the industry. Whether you require a NEMA, metric or definite purpose electric motor, Elektrim has a European engineered solution for your unique application. 

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Performance 20N Series Motors
1-400HP 3PH, 60Hz/50Hz, TEFC Footmounted & C-Face Motors


Elektrim Performance 20 Series Premium Efficient motors are the premier, top-of-the-line European designed and manufactured motor in the marketplace and are built to withstand the most-extreme applications. With its uniquely high service factor (up to 1.4), Elektrim Performance Series motors deliver worry-free starts under excessive load or poor supply conditions. Added performance enhancing-features such as more durable oversized bearings on both ends, high lock rotor torque, heat dissipating vacuum pressure impregnation, and dual-rating at 60/50 Hz without de-rating have earned Elektrim Performance Series motors its place as one of the best, pound for pound, motors in the industry.  Click to view additional 575V motor options


Elektrim NEMA Premium All-Purpose Series Electric Motors


All-Purpose 31N & 32N Series Motors
1-250HP 3PH, 60Hz/50Hz, TEFC Footmounted & C-Face Motors

Elektrim All-Purpose Premium Efficient motors are ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications including fans and blowers, pumps, conveyors, crushers, compressors, mixers and more. Inverter duty rated with a high service factor (up to 1.25), IP55 protection, a TEFC rigid cast iron construction, and dual rated 190/380V 50Hz with a 3-year warranty, Elektrim All-Purpose motors provide peace-of-mind performance in typical applications.



Severe Duty Motors
1-250HP 3PH, 60Hz/50Hz, TEFC Footmounted & C-Face Motors

Elektrim Severe Duty Premium Efficient motors provide built-for-life reliability in the harsh hard-wearing applications found in petrochemical plants, refineries, tropical climates, mines, foundries, pulp and paper mills, waste management facilities, quarries and processing factories.  With its ultra-strong oversized bearings, labyrinth seal (324T and up), high starting torque and uniquely high service factor (up to 1.4), Elektrim Severe Duty motors guarantee rugged mechanical strength and optimum performance in the worst conditions.  Click to view additional 575V motor options




Elektrim Metric IEC AC Electric MotorsMetric IEC Motors
0.08-220HP 3PH, 60Hz/50Hz, TEFC Footmounted, 
B5 & B14 Flanges (standard and reduced/increased diameter)

Elektrim IEC Frame Metric motors are designed to meet international standards (including IE3 efficiency requirements) and are “the” replacement motors for overseas applications and machinery components. Dual rated 60/50Hz from stock, Elektrim IEC frame motors offer vacuum pressure impregnation for optimal electrical performance, oversized bearings on both ends for direct coupling, IP55 protection, and are backed by a 3-year warranty. Select from B3, B35 (Standard or Reduction D-Flange) or B34 (standard or Increased C-Flange) mounting to replace or import in a variety of applications from pumps, conveyors, fans and more. Larger Elektrim Metric Motors, up to 4000HP, are also available upon request.  Click to view additional 575V motor options




Elektrim 56C Rolled Steel Single & Three Phase Electric Motors56C Frame Motors
1/3-3HP 1PH & 3PH, 60 Hz, TEFC C-Face Footmounted & Round Body Motors

Elektrim 56C Frame motors are an energy-saving, continuous duty TEFC commercial motor designed for the user who requires good quality performance for home and/or light industries. Available with and without thermal protection & manual reset, c-face footed or c-face footless mounting and in 1PH or 3PH, Elektrim 56C Frame motors feature a high starting torque, 1.15 service factor, IP55 protection and 1-year warranty. Three phase Elektrim 56C motors are also Inverter Duty Rated 3:1 CT & 5:1 VT.




Elektrim High Torque Single Phase Rolled Steel Electric MotorsHigh Torque Single Phase Motors
3-10HP 1PH, 60 Hz, TEFC Footmounted & C-Face Motors

Elektrim High Torque Single Phase electric motors are designed to withstand the rigors of heavy duty agricultural applications such as grain augers, barn cleaners, bulk feeders and silo unloaders, but also work excellently in other applications such as air compressors, pumps and other single phase machinery. With its high starting torque, full load starts in tough conditions are guaranteed. Cast iron end plates have been added for extra durability and lower motor vibration, while its IP55 protection, vpi winding protection, corrosion resistant epoxy coating, and shaft V-ring seal ensure safe operation outdoors by protecting the motor from dust and moisture. The motors is even rated 230V and 460V single phase for additional application versatility. A full line of C-Face motors, C-Face kits, and replacement parts are also available.




Elektrim Single & Three Phase Stainless Steel Washdown Electric MotorsStainless Steel Washdown Motors
1/3-10HP 1PH & 3PH, 60Hz, C-Face Footmounted & Round Body Motors

Elektrim Stainless Steel continuous duty motors are designed to meet the severe-duty sanitation requirements for food-grade and high pressure wash down applications. Available in 56C (1PH or 3PH) or TC-Frame sizes, Elektrim Stainless Steel motors feature a 1.15 service factor, IP55 or IP56 degree of protection, interior anti-corrosion resistant coated, and are 100% TEFC or TENV 300 series stainless steel constructed for pharmaceutical, food & beverage processing and packaging industries. Additional motors from 15-30HP may also be available in limited supply or by special order.



Elektrim JM & JP Close Coupled Pump Electric Motors
Close Coupled Pump Motors
1-60HP 3PH, 60Hz/50Hz, TEFC C-Face Footmoutned Motors

Elektrim JM and JP close-coupled pump TEFC electric motors are designed for continuous duty fluid circulation and transfer applications ranging from treatment plants to swimming pools. Unique to the marketplace, Elektrim close coupled pump motors feature a high service factor (up to 1.4) which more effectively allows pumps to start under excessive load or poor supply conditions. Elektrim JM and JP electric motors are also equipped with oversized double-shielded bearings on both endsvacuum pressure impregnation, IP55 protection and a 3-year warranty. Click to view additional 575V motor options

Elektrim TEFC JM and JP motors for ODP Replacement are also available in select sizes from 1-30 HP




Elektrim Design D Oil Well Pump Electric MotorsDesign D Oil Well Pump Motors
3-100HP 3PH, 60Hz, TEFC Footmounted Motors

From the red-hot Texan sun to the frigid northern plains, Elektrim Design "D" Oil Well Pump electric motors perform under grueling oil field industry conditions. Designed for beam pumping units, punch presses and similar applications that demand high slip and high torque electric motor solutions, Elektrim Design "D" electric motors feature epoxy coating, vacuum pressure impregnation for optimal electrical performance, oversized regreaseable bearings on both ends and is backed by a 3-year warranty.




Elektrim Crusher Duty Electric MotorsCrusher Duty Motors
125-600HP 3PH, 60Hz, TEFC Footmounted Motors

Elektrim Crusher Duty electric motors are designed for the most extreme aggregate industry applications. Standard features include high torque Design "C", 4140 reinforced steel shaft, and vacuum pressure impregnation offer increased motor life while decreasing electrical failure. In addition, Elektrim Crusher Duty electric motors are protected with a 3-year warranty, are inverter rated 5:1CT & 10:1VT for versatility in VFD & soft start applications, utilize an oversized roller bearing on the drive-end, and have thermistors as standard for built-in thermal protection (449T and up). A huge junction box and 200-grade severe-duty cast iron construction let these electric motors withstand some of the most rugged conditions.




Elektrim Brake Electric MotorsBrake Motors
1-30HP 3PH, 60Hz/50Hz, TEFC Footmounted & C-Face Motors

Built big and tough, Elektrim Premium Efficient Brake motors are vpi applied, offer a service factor up to 1.4 and have one of the highest braking torques on the US Market. Available in 1-30HP with a 3-year warranty, Elektrim brake motors utilize oversized double-shielded bearings on both ends for increased electric motor life, outstanding durability and performance in hoists, cranes, conveyors, machine tools and other industrial applications where a quick stop and positive holding torque are a necessity. Click to view additional 575V motor options



 Elektrim NEMA & Metric IEC AC, 575V Motors

Did you know?  In addition to 575V, Elektrim 20, 40 and 60 series motors are dual rated for 60/50 Hz and can be re-rated, according to your application requirements, to a multitude of possible supply voltages (208V to 796V 60Hz, or 190V up to 690V 50Hz).  Motors are re-rated from stock models in as little as (1) business day and are available from our Schaumburg, IL warehouse.  For more information about re-rates, contact or call 1-855-463-5358.


Elektrim is a trademark and business unit of Toolmex Industrial Solutions.